Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's the latest....

BIG NEWS! I'm excited to be a new student at Animation Mentor!!

I start my first class this week. I've gotten a chance to wander through the site and it's awesome! All the talk of excitement around this school is totally true. There's lots of really enthusiastic animators all buzzing about and I'm really looking forward to joining them.

So, in addition to taking classes, I've started preliminary work for Hard Eight Vol 2. (Just when I thought I would be able to make a non-Hard Eight post, this one slipped in...curses!) We're already gathering a great group of artists and new ideas for the book, it's gonna be great!

All summer my mind has been Hard Eight-ified, so the past couple of weeks I've been going back to good ol cafe sketching.
Pen + Sketchbook + Venti Cafe Americano = Heaven!
Things started out pretty rusty, but slowly the old habbits of quick-sketching started to come back to me. Here'a few to show...

(done with Pentel Sign Pen)

Fall looks to be an exciting, super busy time...and I can't wait! Hope everyone is doing well!