Tuesday, July 25, 2006

...and what a 'Con it was!

Comicon_ 062
Finally back from five great, exciting, exhausting days at San Diego Comicon 2006. What a great experience! Hard Eight was a success and the groups was thrilled!
Alex, Emmanuel, Brian, The Gute, Matt, Erich, Bill, Greg, Amber and I all had a blast! Even our colorist galore, Eren Blanquet came by on Saturday. Ten people in one 10 x 10 ft booth was not easy, but we managed to pull it off. Thank you to everyone who came by the booth, you guys and gals are awesome!

We had a whole set of swag to show for Hard Eight: Poker Chips, Playing Cards, Stickers, Alex's Hard Eight Shadow Box and Amber's Hard Eight Maquette! The guys even put together a great video showcasing the comic in moving picture format, with Chris Tallman and Dave Hartman providing some of the voicework bringing our stories to life on the small screen!

Check out all the PHOTOS HERE...

Some other highlights I didn't get to take pix of:
-Dropping by to see John Nevarez, Patrick Morgan and Jose Lopez. Three talented and super nice fellows!
-Got to meet Dave Colman and see his amazing animal drawings.
-Being the booth right behind The Rhythm Section and poking our heads through the cloth barrier
-Checking out Dave Hartman's Sideshow Monkey booth and meeting his lovely wife and daughter.
-Meeting Javier Guzman, one cool guy!

One rule of thumb for those who plan to have a booth next year, as tempting as it is to leave your area with all the great stuff for sale, stay at your booth as long as possible. Otherwise you might miss one of your hero's stopping by :(
(Thanks to The Gute and Alex for their photo taking in my absence)

Ok, enough name dropping. Thanks again to everyone we saw this past week for making it a memorable con experience! Cheers!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hard Eight is finished!

We just got our fresh batch of printed Hard Eight books! Mmmmmm, that newly printed smell.....

Not only does it smell good, but it has some of the best artwork by the most tallented group Ive ever worked with. This book came out looking absolutely awesome!

Everyone swing on by Booth 1032 at the San Diego Comicon, and come stimulate your eyes and nostrils with some Hard Eight...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fresh from the printers...

Woo hoo! My book Dead Ink: A Collection of the Drawn Undead has arrived fresh from the printers and will be for sale at the San Diego Comicon, at the Hard 8 Booth (#1032).

A compilation of some of my ghoulish and zombie-tastic artwork, this book came out great and I can't wait for everyone to see it! Only a week away, my anticipation for this year's con is growing rapidly. We have some great stuff planned for our booth, so be sure to come on by and visit us, it's gonna be a blast!